Some Student Maps from Fall 2012

As some of you might know, my day job involves teaching an Introduction to GIS at Clark University. This is the first class in the GIS sequence and involves learning both ArcGIS and IDRISI, I also include a tutorial on .kml, gps unit use, and cram in as much critical GIS theory as I can. It’s a lot of material to cover (I’m adding balloon mapping this semester) and it moves quickly.

With that said, some of my students created truly impressive maps for their final projects and I’d like to share them here. Obviously, they’re not perfect, no map is after all, but for students with one semester of GIS under their belts, I’m impressed. Hopefully you are as well.

Hannah Sonderby’s final project focused on the ties between race, class, and pollution. A classic environmental justice project with some very nice visual design.

Cody Litchfield worked through an amazing amount of data to investigate sea level rise in Brasil with respect to at-risk populations (here via informal settlements).

These next two are in pdf, but are well worth the click through.

First up is Michelle Andrews work on potential sea level rise in Massachusetts. She includes two maps, a general area flooded and then a choropleth percent of town flooded broken out into various parts of Massachusetts. She probably got extra points for choosing my second favorite state.



Finally, a group effort done by the team of Taylor Bearden, Julia Groenfeldt, and Hannah Yore. They combined Value-By-Alpha maps with a cartogram to allow for the interpretable display of three variables. I’m encouraging them to write up this technique for publication and hope they have it ready soon.

Cartogram-FInal Project

They also included a break out of my favorite state (Oregon).

Oregon Counties- GIS FInal Project


(As a side note, all of these are posted with explicit permission from the authors)

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